Are You Ready for Worship?


I was glad when they said to me, “Let us go to the house of the LORD!” (Psa.122:1)

The Lord’s Day is the highlight of every week. I don’t care what happens in the course of your week: nothing beats the Lord’s Day! We have the exalted privilege of gathering together to pour out our hearts and souls to God in worship and adoration. Saturday evenings in our house are a time of preparation for Sunday. My kids enjoy playing outside, especially during the summer. But they know that they have to come in early on Saturday evenings, shower, wind down, and go to bed earlier than their usual bedtime. I want them to be at their best for Bible study and worship. Come to think of it, I want to be at my best for Bible study and worship. Worship demands my preparation, my readiness, my willingness, my undivided attention, my whole heart, my everything. Getting to worship God should excite me, enthrall me, enrapture me. I get to worship my heavenly Father! What an amazing privilege! Let me suggest that we get ready for worship. Wind down. Get your mind focused on all the things you are thankful for. Pray about the opportunity before you. Get a good night’s sleep. Come into the assembly with enthusiasm, gratitude, excitement, and a smile. Let’s be ready for the Lord’s Day!

“Father, thank you for allowing us the privilege of worshiping you. You are worthy of praise and honor, and you accept our feeble attempts to show our love and gratitude for you. Help us to come with hearts and minds centered on you. Through Jesus we pray. Amen.”


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